Benefits of Converting to Natural Gas
“First time ever...$900 Boiler Rebate!”

  • Clean, efficient energy source = Lower maintenance

    • Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. This means that when you make the oil to natural gas conversion, you’ll say goodbye to nasty byproducts like soot and ash. That translates into less time and money spent having to performance routine furnace cleaning and maintenance.
    • Uses less valuable square footage
    • No annual burner cleaning required saves you more money
    • Runs quietly

  • Environmental impact

    • Natural gas emits less carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides when burned, therefore reducing the amount of pollutants that enter the atmosphere as a result of heating your building.
    • No additional built in destination charges for your heating fuel benefit your wallet as well as the environment.
  • No need to schedule fuel deliveries.

    • Reliable gas is always there when you need it.
    • Never run come home to a freezing house on that extra cold weekend right before your oil delivery has been scheduled.
  • No oil tank to worry about

    • No cleaning or replacing costly oil storage tanks
    • No leaks or spills that pollute the ground or your basement
    • No headaches with buyers when you sell your house
  • Cost Effective
    The price of oil is high and steadily climbing, but that’s not the only reason why oil furnaces are hard on your wallet. Oil is simply not the most efficient fuel source. It actually takes one dollar MORE to produce the same amount of heat with oil than it would with natural gas. The difference of a dollar adds up fast, especially when you’re constantly running your furnace to keep warm during the harsh New Jersey winters.
  • Energy Savings

    • Realized due to a new gas system operating at an efficiency level as high as 97% that, over time, can pay for your gas conversion.
    • We have clients saving thousands in a single heating season
  • Pay only for what you use after you use it
    No reason to spend your valuable dollars and have it sit in an oil tank when you’re not using it.
  • Plentiful and reliable North American resource.

    Oil to gas conversion should be attempted only by trained, experienced professionals like the team at Dawson Mechanical. We have more than 20 years of experience working with plumbing and home heating systems in Northern and Central NJ . A family owned business, Dawson Mechanical knows how to ensure that your home remains safe, warm and efficient. We can make recommendations as to how to prepare your home for an oil to gas heat conversion, inspect your chimney and other heating system components for safety, and more. To reap the many benefits of converting from oil to gas conversion in Frenchtown, Hampton and surrounding areas in New Jersey, call Dawson today.